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ETHIndia/Bangalore Days

Posted on Sep 3, 2019 | 5 minutes

Bangalore Hacks

So for the First Time I went to Bangalore and that too for a Hackathon. The Hackathon was so awesome that I love Hackathons now and Apply for every Hackathon I hear about. Plus I didn’t like Bangalore much because of its dry nature. Its just Bleh. From a person coming from a Humid Atmosphere, it takes time to cope to that one. I’ll write all where it started from to most of the details I remember.

Aug 1st 2019

This was the First Day in the 2nd Year of College. I had the train to Bangalore in the evening of the Day. So I had to get all the prior permissions from our Tutuor and our HOD. Phew, our tutor made me run to our department to another part of the Campus twice. Atleast than run made everything smoother for me. So I headed Home and Packed up for my trip and borrowed the Laptop from my cousin. Thanks to my Uncle who gave me 3 Big Books for my Cousin in Bangalore for His Studies. Damn They were Heavy. So I went to the Railway Station and got on a Train to Ernakulam South where the Train to Bangalore is to be departed. This was my rendezvous point with Devdutt Shenoi. So our train was at 8.35Pm but it was late by Half-an-Hour. The Train Came at 9.15 PM. We got on, my Seat was 2 Bogeys from Devdutt but in the beggining we ate pizza together. 3rd Time I was eating Pizza in 19 Years. Some people got from thrissur and I chatted with them for some time. Went to Sleep.

Aug 2nd 2019

So since the train was Late. It was stopped in Erode and Held there for an Hour from 4 to 5 AM. We were to reach Bangalore by 8 in the Morning but yet here we are 200 Km from Bangalore. But yet it had its perks. I saw the Eastern Ghats for the First time. The Villages the train Passed in Tamil Nadu. Not eating Breakfast till Noon etc… So anyways we reached Bangalore by 11 AM in the Morning. We were planning to go First to Christ University Campus since Red Hat’s DevConf was being held. It was also an Oppurtunity to meet some fellow Campus Experts. So we got on a Bus from KSR to Christ University Campus. But due to our misinformation that bus was to Another Christ University Campus away from the City. Damn There were 3 Christ Campuses in bangalore Itself. So we got off somewhere and took a Cab to the venue of ETHIndia. We reached the Venue of ETHIndia by 12PM. We found one of our frined Sreeram there Vlogging with his Gimbal Camera. The Food was free and that was so delicious. It was a new cuisine which I had never tasted before. So we ate our Breakfast/Lunch and went to a conference hall. We got in when the guys from Lendroid were talking about their platform. Time passed and I found these things talks quite Boring. I got out of the room and met Anoop who goes by Kai as his handle. He was also from Kerala. Then Subin and Varun came. Then I met Allen and his team mate Ushana. In the evening Sreeram was interviewing Eylon from Do Stack and I met him and we listened to his story on how he got into Blockchain and stuff. Then there was a talk from Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum.
The hackathon actually started in the Evening by 7 PM. All of us were given a Bag with 2 Notebooks, Some Stickers and 4 Tshirts. Then I met Syamettan from Mozilla Kerala.He was the maintainer of . He was there for some venue arrangements. Then I also met two volunteers for the Hackathon who were friends of Syamettan. We started hacking on something dealing with IPFS and Decentralization. I made the frontend for the stuff. Time passed by. Then I actually met the person sitting infront of me who was also a Malayali. I was thrilled when I heard he was from Pala, Kottayam. At least someone who understands my slang(Kottayam’s Malayalam is the best form of malayalam. The other guys were not from Kottayam though, so it was hard for them to understand some words I was saying). A midnight we went just for a walk with Syamettan. We wanted a coffee but no shops were open. we came back. Oh I didnt tell you about the unlimited supply of Monster Energy Drink Right? Yep unlimited.
Then we slept till the morning.

Aug 3rd 2019

2nd Day at the hackathon. Hoo we were excited. Ate our Breakfast talked to some people and so on. But then I saw this Sticker on a Laptop. It was an expertocat and only GitHub Campus Experts had this to give away. So I went there and asked them from where they got this and talked and made friends with them. They were from Vadodara, Gujarat. And to our suprize one of them was from Kerala. He was born and brough-up in Gujarat though. They were so Friendly towards us. My Teammate Devdutt went for his Neice’s Birthday party on the same day. So I was there siting with my Laptop without any formal idea on what we were doing. God it was frustrating. Then I and My Friend Kai(Anoop) tried to hack on something but it didn’t work out.
Then I ctually met this Kid from Ernakulam. He is a fellow mallu yet I didn’t speak to him much though. To my amazement he was a Google Code-In finalist and worked for Postgres. His name was Allen. We talked all Night with Drinking Monsters. We even made stacks of monster bottles. Devdutt came back at 4:00PM. Then again we did something more to the Hack. We again spoke to the guys from Gujarat. We talked about GitHub, New Technologies, how some websites work. They showed me some of their open source Projects. We got about 3 more extra Tshirts the same day. Between this time I called Went to sleep at 3AM.

Aug 4th 2019

The Final day of the Hackathon. We got up at about 8 AM . Submitted our Project and left the venue at about 10:00 AM. Just before Leaving we got another Tshirt from the Organizers for playing Dumb-Charades with my friend Sreeram. I called my cousin and he came with a Scooter to pick me up. We then went to his apartment. From there we went see my Sister who was working as a Pharmacy Doctor in Bangalore. I went to meet her. I also met an ISRO Engineer there who was a friend of her. From there went to meet 2 of my other cousins. It’s been 3 years since I had ssen him and his family. I got to meet my nephew for the first time. We ate lunch, He bought me another T shirt. On our way to the railway station, he showed m the offices of Microsoft, Oracle and some big corporates. So at about 5 PM I got on the Train for Home.

I reached home at about 7:00 AM on 5th. Dressed up and went to College the same Day. EthIndia was a one-of-a-kind experience for me. I don’t even know anything about Ethereum still.