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Love and Other......

Posted on Jan 4, 2020 | 4 minutes

A few months ago one of our professors came into class. He was having some trouble speaking since he had a sore throat. He said he wasn’t gonna teach anything but he told everyone to write a paragraph on Love. So I concluded my paragraph like this,

Love is like Rust, its friggin fast. Love is like Haskell, It makes us functional. Love is like Clojure, we won’t understand a damn shit on what’s written(no offence Clojure people).

Love and Other Dumb Stuff

Since then I’ve been wanting to write this story.

The characters in this post has whatsoever no relation in the real world. If anything relates, that’s just coincidental

Chapter 1 - Love

2013-15 ish

Okay, so our guy is in his 13th Year on Earth. He is obviously in his high school because in India, High School starts at 8th Standard or Grade. Like every other kid that time he had feelings for a Girl. She was one of the Studious types in his class. Coincidentally his house was very near to her house. Both of their parents knew each other. One reason he had feelings for her was she had a good personality and not her physical beauty. That times were the times when almost all guys had a love affair from someone in the class or another class.
So in the Fall of 2013s, he professed his love to her. The way he professed was a comedy. So it goes like this. BTW as like every guy, he was good friends with her. So the tide of the class was mostly on discussing love affairs between the class. There was another studious girl in the class too.
So one fine morning she came to him and asked. “Tell me the truth, you love her right?
She had her deductions obviously because he was also a nerd in the class and both the studious girl and he was in the same religion and all.
He got tensed, he said in his breath “No, It’s you. It’s always been you”. She was shellshocked. She couldn’t reply to him anything. Telling this he also got tensed, his heartbeat went rising. He got out of class to breathe some fresh air in. His friends came to him and mocked at him for some time, later they asked him all sorts of questions regarding the affair.

Since this proposal, he and she didn’t speak. Both of em were still studious as if nothing was going on. Before the exams, one of her Messenger came to him and told him that she was not able to study because of him. He was dumbstruck, he thought “Why on earth would she be having difficulty in studying if she didn’t have any feelings for me”. He was never on her tail asking for any reply or any of that matter for sorts. He couldn’t understand that yet he told the messenger to tell her that doesn’t think anything about that proposal of sorts but focus on her studies more. But as any guy who faced rejection even if it is one-way love or anything he goes into a state of depression of sorts. He started listening to Sad Rejection Music from Foreign Bands. He discovered Backstreet Boys and many other sad song bands. Yet he pulled himself together and marched on.

Fast Forward to 2015. He was in his 10th grade. She was shifted to another division. He wasn’t so into her now. Both of them barely minded each other and both of them hadn’t spoken to each other. Reaching by the end of 10th grade, he got a letter from her saying that she Hated him, the whole 1 paragraph tells on how much she hated him. He read it and shredded it to pieces. He didn’t give a shit about it in 2015. He thought on why she’d give something like that to him. He never knew, yet he wouldn’t give a damn on that too…But after the 10th Final Exams, she broke his silence to him while walking to home from the bus-stop. Both of em had to walk home from the Bus-Stop. At last when they reached her home. He walks forward and he told her “I don’t give a damn anymore for you. The next time we see, I’ll call you for my wedding and that’s all from me”. Not the best of his replies but that he made sure that, that reply never hurt her.


The great tragic proposal failure. Since he didn’t give a damn about her anymore, he met this other girl. He fell in love with a girl. Again!!. This time he was in the 10th class. He and the new girl had been really good friends but it was so late that he had feelings for her. She had a personality that will make anyone love her. She was so good at conveying stuff and much more. He asked his friends if he should propose to her. One friend is her neighbour and friend said She’ll fall for you. Like all things his friends said, he too later found out that it was not gonna happen. She was perfect, not even a single flaw in his eyes. Later when he proposed to her a damn straight NO was heard from her. He too now was devastated. Now the film song “Azhalinte Aazhangalil” became his most-listened track.

He got past this Affair in Time. That’s all

Chapter 2 - Being Dumb

That’s self-explanatory.

Chapter Closed

—— The End ———