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My System Setup

Posted on Jul 9, 2019 | 1 minutes

Coding is one of my favorite Hobbies apart from Music and Films. My system is a Desktop with 4Gigs of RAM and an Intel Pentium Processor with 1024+ 160 Gigs of HDD Space.I’ve got a Windows and Linux Setup in my Desktop. I use Linux more than Windows. The only use for windows is for transferring files from the Pendrives and my Drives.

My Linux Setup

I use Ubuntu with KDE Plasma as the Desktop Environment which makes it Kubuntu. So The terminal is “Konsole”. I use ‘Oh-My-ZSH’ rather than the original ‘Bash’ as my console. Oh-My-ZSH is so cool and the way we could customize it to our needs.

My ZSH Setup

  • Theme is “Norm”
  • Plugins -> Git
  • Sometimes I cahnge the Theme to Powerlevel 9k

I’ve got my Editors as Vim, NeoVim, Visual Studio Code and Atom. VS Code is my main editor while NeoVim is used Second. I use Atom and Vim for extreme cases. I don’t check on my windows much so I don’t know whats there.
I mostly use these editors for JavaScript and Python. Occassionaly HTMl,C sometimes React, Django, Machine Learning Examples etc…

Favorite Apps

  • Latte Dock(For the MAC OS like Dock)
  • Spotify
  • Tmux
  • GitHub Desktop for Linux

Vs Code Plugins

  • Python for VsCode
  • C/C++
  • Wakatime(For Coding Metrics)
  • GitLens
  • GitHub Pull Requests
  • Live Server
  • Material Icon Theme
  • Markdown Previeew GitHub
  • ESLint
  • Prettier
  • MDX
  • DeepDark Material Theme(Colors and Syntaxes)
  • Fira Code

Vim/NeoVim Plugins

  • Airline
  • Python-Mode
  • WakaTime
  • Papaya(Colors)
  • NerdTree
  • Vim JavaScript

Git Setup

All The basic aliases for the Git Plugin for Oh-My-ZSH