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The Sunset Revelation

Posted on Feb 10, 2022 | 1 minutes

Note: This is just a rant. This is how my mind wanders off!

Last Day I got a beautiful revelation.

I was watching the sunset and all of a sudden I felt a fear surging to my brain. I felt so small in the universal vastness. I got so afraid that I could hear my heart beat and it was fast, so fast I thought I was going to pass out.

It’s a usual case for me. I’m used to having an existential dread from time to time and this time it was no different. The sudden fear creeping throughout your body to the head.

The premise of having this Existential Dread was none other than thinking about the future. What’ll life be for my kids when I have them. What’ll happen to my parents. How society will be in 5 years. The world that will be passed on, the world that the future will forget. Most of these are things outside of my control and comprehension.

And just like mechanical switch, It clicked to me. Thinking about the future triggers this shit. An anxiety of what’s to come in a few years. So, what’s the solution? Live the moment!

Enjoy the moment and don’t be tensed about the future. It’ll be good as well as bad. We’ll grow enough to handle it. Like Atlas balancing to hold the world on his shoulders. We shall prevail!