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The Purpose of being Purposeless

Posted on Feb 24, 2023 | 2 minutes

We ponder onto this statement at times, “Why?”. These three words has sparked thoughts, revolutions, philosophies and all type intellectual bullshit all the time but something profound still remains with these three letters. I’ve no clue on what remains or what is there left to be thought out with these three characters but one thing I want to ponder on is using “why” with “purpose” or a cry with “Why?” like some movies.

I mean “Why do I live? Why am I alive? Why do I walk the Earth with a said name and address? Why is my life worth it?”

Yeah philosophical :) but these questions we ask are in someways profoundly mind boggling. Maybe it’s the side-effect of being “intelligent” as in “Human intelligence” kinda terminology but maybe it’s just a dumb way of giving some sense into our lives. How would our life be any different than that of a dog or a cat? Longer lifespans? But maybe it’s just being as is.

Profound. Oscillating. Invincible!

In a recent fun turn of events, I had to visit a doctor for fever medication. I met the doctor after the first checkup again after two days and the second checkup was in a much less busy manner. Me and the doctor who was new to town had a small yet deep conversation. I’ve been struggling with the monotonous nature of my current work and the doctor said he’s been on this monotonous ride for more than 30 years. Monotonousity or Non-Monotonousity(Maybe reach semantic satiation) it’s just the way we have been wired or seen. We see our parents go to work each day everyday and maybe they just dont enjoy work but they just do it because they have to. I mean is it the best way? I’m not sure though but hey they seem to enjoy this monotonousity. Maybe it’s the generation gap or it’s just the “raging” hormones of a person in their 20s.

I had a thought on how to end this blog but now I don’t recall how to do it. The whole purpose of this post was to ponder onto the purposelessness but at the end this blog didn’t meet the purpose of defining the purpose. Maybe there was never one, for this blog and nor for life.

Too meta right!?