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Two Planets

Posted on Oct 20, 2021 | 1 minutes

I was watching a video about Echoes by Pink Floyd on Youtube and came to know that Waters was inspired by the poem “Two Planets” by Muhammed Iqbal. I went on to search more about the poem and it goes like this,

Two planets meeting face to face,
One to the other cried, ‘How sweet
If endlessly we might embrace,
And here for ever stay! how sweet
If Heaven a little might relent,
And leave our light in one light blent!’
But through that longing to dissolve
In one, the parting summons sounded.
Immutably the stars revolve,
By changeless orbits each is bounded;
Eternal union is a dream,
And severance the world’s law supreme.

I felt like Iqbal put up a common concept yet a profound one in a heavenly way which gives depth to that relationship.

Eternal union is a dream,
And severance the world’s law supreme

This makes a lot of sense in the usual humane sense and it hits the hardest. I don’t have words to describe the feeling of helplessness when you read something like this and reflect on your personal achievements or your relationships. It’s hard to accept but it will be the end result 😔 as Iqbal puts it, it’s a Universal Law.